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Retailers do not usually make the items that they sell, but they can still be held responsible when they sell defective products that cause people harm. By offering the item for sale, a retailer is saying that they support the product and believe that it is safe for use. If you were injured by an item that you purchased, a New Jersey defective product lawyer from our firm would like to hear more about it.

What Kinds of Defective Products Can Cause Harm?

There are three broad types of defective product cases. Manufacturers and retailers can be brought to court due to:

Design defects: In cases like these, the design of the product is the problem. No matter how much care is taken when the product is built, it’s likely to be dangerous. Good examples of this include a power tool with a useless safety guard or an electric appliance that cannot regulate its own temperature.

Manufacturing defects: In these cases the design of the product is fine, but something has gone wrong during the manufacturing process. Maybe a part was missing or cheaper, less durable materials were swapped in.

Failure to warn: Finally, retailers and manufacturers can also be held accountable for products that harm people when the instructions or warnings that come with a product are not adequate. If there is a danger to using a product, that needs to be made clear to a customer. A good example of this would be medication that makes you drowsy. If you are not warned about this side effect and get behind the wheel of a car, you may end up getting hurt.

What Do I Have to Show in a Defective Products Case?

In a defective products case, you need to show a few things. It’s important to make it clear that:

  • The product was defective
  • You were using the product for its intended purpose
  • You were hurt while using the product
  • That product defect was why you were hurt

Without a clear link between the defect and your injuries, you do not have much of a case.

How Can Retailers Defend Themselves?

Of course, retailers are not just going to roll over and pay you if you accuse them of selling defective products. They are going to try and blame you for your own injuries, and there are a few ways that they can do this. They might argue that:

  • You misused the product
  • You were careless
  • The product is not the source of your injuries
  • You modified the product

This is why it is a good idea to hire an experienced defective products lawyer. We have seen all of these arguments before. We are ready to defend you from accusations of wrongdoing and help you fight for compensation.

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