When we’re faced with the decision to leave our loved ones in nursing homes, we trust they’ll be adequately cared for. Unfortunately, many nursing homes in the state of New Jersey are plagued by slow response times, unsanitary conditions, and understaffing. In some cases, nursing home residents are even subjected to outright abuse from nursing home staff. If your loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, you should contact our New Jersey nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as you can. The Law Office of Craig M. Rothenberg is here to help.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Serving Clients in New Jersey

We believe that our loved ones deserve to live out the remainder of their lives with dignity. That said, it sometimes happens that nursing homes fail to provide our loved ones with the treatment they deserve and need. Our Clinton, New Jersey personal injury lawyer aggressively pursues nursing homes that fall below the accepted standard of care in an effort to fully compensate victims of abuse and their families.

Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

There are many potential warning signs of nursing home abuse that all nursing home residents and their families should be aware of. Detecting these signs of abuse early on can make a world of a difference, and may even save your loved one’s life. Just some of the most common signs of nursing home abuse or neglect are as follows:

  • Malnutrition, manifesting in significant weight loss, or otherwise constant complaints of hunger or thirst
  • Showing signs of fear when certain nurses or aides enter the room
  • Possessions going missing
  • Developing bed sores or pressure ulcers
  • Unexplained cuts, bruises, or other injuries
  • Roaming the facility, also known as elopement
  • Unexplained falls
  • Outright complaints of abuse or neglect

Reporting a Bad Nursing Home in New Jersey

If you suspect that your loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, you should do what you can to document the incident(s) and report the abuse to the appropriate party. If possible, you should:

  • Call the police (especially if you believe your loved one is in immediate danger and requires medical care)
  • Take pictures or videos of the unsafe/unclean nursing home conditions
  • Report the unsafe conditions to nursing home management
  • Report the nursing home conditions to the Division of Health Facilities Evaluation and Licensing at the Department of Health either online or through the Department of Health Complaint Hotline at 800-792-9770
  • Reach out to a nursing home abuse lawyer who can help document the abuse and file a claim against the facility that harmed your loved one

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The legal team here at the Law Office of Craig M. Rothenberg is dedicated to your loved one’s health and well-being. If you believe a nursing home has neglected or abused your loved one, we are here to hold them accountable and bring them to justice. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation with our compassionate, aggressive personal injury law firm.

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