driving in winter and avoiding hazards

If you’ve driven in New Jersey during the winter, you’ve probably come across inclement weather from time to time. Many drivers worry about the increased possibility of getting into a car accident when there’s snow and ice on the roads. No need to panic because there are plenty of precautions you may take to avoid these dangerous winter driving hazards. Read this blog or contact a New Jersey Auto Accident Lawyer today to learn more!


Various inclement weather conditions can occur during the winter and subsequently cause dangerous hazards to drivers. Out of these conditions, the most common are snow and sleet, both of which can lead to icy roads. Ice generally poses the biggest threat to drivers during the winter, especially black ice which is invisible to drivers. This means that drivers won’t know they’re going over black ice until their car already starts slipping. Even the most careful drivers can lose control of their vehicle when the roads are icy.

Another common driving hazard during this time of year is poor visibility. It’s New Jersey law that you must clean ice and sleet off your car before driving so you can properly see through your windshield and windows. However, keeping snow off your vehicle can also keep other drivers safe because snow could possibly fall off your car and onto others.


If you need to drive in inclement weather because of daily obligations like work, drive slowly and extremely carefully by keeping a distance between your vehicle and others. Driving slowly ensures that even if you do end up accidentally slipping and crashing into something, the damage will be minimal and you likely won’t be injured. Also, make sure your vehicle is clean of snow and sleet before hitting the road to prevent poor visibility. Many drivers purchase snow tires or chains to prevent their vehicles from slipping on icy or snowy roads. You should also keep an emergency kit in your car in case your battery ever dies from freezing cold temperatures.

If you do end up in an auto accident due to winter conditions, you’re likely eligible for compensation under your or another driver’s insurance, depending on the circumstances. New Jersey is a no-fault state, meaning that your auto insurance will be responsible for your damages unless you file a personal injury claim. However, it could be difficult to prove that another driver is at fault for a winter hazard accident, since even safe drivers can lose control of their vehicle in inclement conditions.

Have you recently gotten into a car crash related to winter driving hazards? You should speak with a talented personal injury attorney who has your best interests in mind. Contact the Law Office of Craig M. Rothenberg today for quality legal counseling.

driving in winter and avoiding hazards

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