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When you are pursuing a personal injury case, you need to use all of the resources at your disposal to make a convincing argument that you deserve compensation. That can be tough to do on your own. A Clinton, New Jersey personal injury lawyer from our law firm can make it easier to build a case, and one tool at our disposal are outside experts who can testify on your behalf.

Why Do I Need Outside Experts?

Outside experts have particular subjects that they can speak about with authority. If you say something about your injuries from the accident, that’s one thing. If a medical expert testifies about how your injuries are affecting you, that can be more convincing to some people.

An expert witness can be seen as impartial as well. They are less likely to be seen as biased than other witnesses, like your own loved ones. Your lawyer can help you find authoritative outside experts who can help you make your case.

Which Outside Experts Can Help With My Case?

This can depend on your case and what you are trying to prove. Your attorney can figure out which kinds of witnesses are the best for strengthening your particular personal injury suit. We can use:

Psychologists and mental health experts: These experts can talk about how the accident has left behind invisible injuries, affecting your psyche and mental health.

Accident recreation specialists: If you were in a car accident, these kinds of experts can actually reconstruct a scene and show how a collision occurred. This can help your lawyer show how someone else was responsible for the accident.

Vocational rehab expert: If your injuries may prevent you from working in the same capacity, an expert in vocational rehabilitation can tell the jury how.

Life care planner: If you or a loved one will need continued medical care, this witness can testify with authority about just what kinds of expenses and challenges your family will end up facing.

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me?

Finding outside experts is one thing that a personal injury lawyer can do for you, but our attorneys can do many other things to assist you with your case. We can:

  • Help you calculate fair compensation and field settlement offers
  • Prepare you and your loved ones for testimony and depositions
  • Answer any questions that you have
  • Gather evidence needed to strengthen your case
  • Defend you from any accusations of fault or wrongdoing
  • Do our best to hold all liable parties accountable

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